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October 2015
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Types of sofas for your home

Types of sofas

Sofa bed
Sofa bed

Sofas have a way of bringing out the best in a room. They usually help to transform a living space completely. No matter how you would like a specific space to look, you have a number of styles to check out and choose from. Remember to factor in the amount of space before you select your sofa. Here are types you might want to look at to help you make the perfect sofa choice for your home.

Traditional sofas

One of the most common types to find in any home, traditional sofas come in diverse styles and colours and seat over two people comfortably. Their style can be anything from formal, classic to contemporary and anything in between. These are typically the sofas you find in a den or the living room to entertain family or friends. Newer models of the traditional sofa now have a motor to mechanically tilt back or lengthen the sofa’s footrest.

Sofa beds

If you live in small quarters, minding your space is critical while choosing a sofa type. One of the best options is a sleeper sofa to make the most of the small space. They can accommodate 1-3 people amidst having diverse functions such as enough space to relax on during the day and a bed to sleep on during the night. Pillows and cushions are usually removable to access the folded bed created inside the frame.  Also a top choice if you usually have overnight friends and visitors. Nonetheless, it is usually a heavy sofa due to the additional bed.

Sectional sofas

These are sofas available in various pieces. They can be taken apart easily and placed across the home strategically if the need be. Its versatility is popular considering matching and blending the pieces is very easy. They are space savers and accessible in circular and L-shape designs. Each comes with its features and options; some with arm rests, reclines to extendable footrests.


Also a sofa type wonderful for rooms with limited spaces. The loveseat is largely a mini type of sofa seating one or more individuals and adds a little quality in small spaces or rooms. They come with extendable footrests and reclining backs among other features found in both sectional and traditional sofas.


This type of sofa shows a lot of good taste due to its uniqueness and mostly placed against walls since it lacks a back. Comfort is added through pillows spread across the sofa. A number come with reclining options.

Contemporary types

Both modern and contemporary sofa types have almost similar features. Many contemporary sofas are created with a box or round style. As a result of their careful upholstery, assembly and architecture they are sometimes a bit expensive. They bring a wholly new modern design in any space. Available in different designs and colour styles, they are mostly found in entertainment rooms to bring in some unique taste and style.

Victorian settee

A sofa type with a wooden frame and an antique feel and appearance, it’s usually upholstered using fabric to add a little comfort. While inexpensive replicas are available, Victorian settees are usually very expensive.

Metal/wooden frame types

These types of sofas have the frames either made of wood or metal exposed whereas the frame’s top contains upholstered cushions. The cushions are flexible and usually switched occasionally to bring divergent personal styles, colour and comfort level.


These are famous for their tufted or quilted style. A number only contain the tufted option on the arms and back while most have the tufted design on the seating area too.

Lawson style

Mostly designed with comfort in mind, it’s generally created with frame and pillows separated. They are available in diverse materials, colours and sizes. Apart from uber comfort the large pillows can be moved about for a more fulfilling Lawson sofa.

While there are many other sofa types, it’s possible your choice as per the size of the sofa you seek and your room, comfort level, design and colour will fall within any of the mentioned.

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