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November 2015
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Top 10 Tips for your Living Room Flooring

Top 10 Tips

Protecting your flooring
Protecting your flooring

The living room is a very popular room in the home. It’s a place where families gather to watch TV, communicate with each other, a place where children play, and also where guests are entertained on your sofa. It is likely the room with the most uses in the entire home. You want it to be comfortable, attractive, easy to clean and durable. Choosing living room flooring must take all these factors into consideration to ensure that your family, friends and relatives will be able to relax and enjoy themselves. We’ve compiled a top 10 tips list for living room flooring below to help make your choice easier.

  1. If you have young children, carpet is the best choice as it provides a soft surface to play on, with less chance of injury from falling.
  2. If you are aiming for an eco-friendly choice, but one that is comfortable underfoot while adding warmth to the room, consider bamboo or even cork.
  3. Engineered wood flooring can give you the same look and feel of solid hardwood flooring, but at a fraction of the cost.
  4. If you’re on a budget but want the look and feel of hardwood flooring, consider laminate; it is available in a wide range of styles and is a great DIY project for the home handyman.
  5. Regardless of the type of flooring, be sure to use curtains or blinds to protect your flooring from direct sunlight – which will fade most flooring.
  6. If you choose a hard flooring type such as ceramic, marble or terracotta, area rugs can help to soften the room as well as add protection from heavy furniture like you’re sofa.
  7. Use floor protectors under the legs of your sofas and always lift sofas when moving it to avoid scratching the finish.
  8. Clean and maintain your living room flooring on a regular basis, and according to manufacturer’s directions to ensure a long floor life.
  9. High traffic areas of living room flooring, even carpeted areas, will retain their beauty and extend their life by the use of area rugs or carpet runners.
  10. For the best looking results, choose living room flooring that will blend well with other flooring surfaces that lead into it.

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