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January 2018
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Sofa Care for Pet Owners

Pets and your sofa
Pets and Sofas

Tips for pet lovers and sofa lovers

Pets make great additions to the family and they can really brighten up the home, which is why they are so popular. However, having a pet does mean that keeping a sofa looking its best isn’t always easy. With molting fur, accidental scratches and pets sitting on the sofa when they shouldn’t be a lot of sofas end up looking unclean and used far quicker than they should. That is why it’s important to know how to care for a sofa as a pet owner.

Sofa care for pet owners doesn’t need to be complex and there’s no need to rush out and buy expensive products, it’s simply a case of understanding what type of sofa will work best and how to keep it safe from damage. Here are some top tips:

  • Choose a Leather Sofa

Leather is the preferred sofa type for many pet owners, as its long lasting and it isn’t easily ruined. A leather sofa can withstand most pets and it’s very easy to clean, meaning removing hair and other debris isn’t a problem.

  • Consider a Patterned Fabric

Consider choosing a patterned fabric if you have pets, as the pattern will help to hide any stains or dirt that a pet may cause. Additionally, pet hair also shows up a lot less on patterned fabric as it is able to blend in.

  • Use Blankets and Throws to Protect the Fabric

Place blankets and throws over the sofa and encourage pets to only use the sofa when the blanket or throw is there. If a pet does cause damage, the throw and blanket can be replaced a lot easier and cheaper than replacing or repairing a sofa.

  • Air Out the Cushions

To ensure the sofa doesn’t pick up the scent of a pet, take the time to air out the cushions. Though it is possible to wash many cushion covers, sometimes simply placing them outside to air can make a big difference.

  • Remove Pet Hair Regularly

Avoid letting pet hair build up by removing it regularly. Pets shed and it’s hard to avoid, but removing it from any type of sofa is relatively easy. Simply brush the sofa with a damp sponge and the hair will collect together, making it easy to remove.


As you can see, sofa care for pet owners isn’t difficult and it’s largely a case of keeping on top of cleaning. Rather than letting dirt and hair build up, take the time to clean your sofa regularly.


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