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February 2018
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Faux Leather Vs Real Leather

Faux Leather vs. Real Leather

When it comes to choosing a leather sofa, you’ll need to decide whether you want one that is made using real leather or faux leather. Many people choose faux leather for ethical reasons and others choose real leather for style reasons. However, is there really a noticeable difference?


The Benefits of Choosing Real Leather Sofas

Leather sofas are hugely popular, simply because they are associated with luxury and prestige. Each real leather sofa is unique and has a number of different natural characteristics, which cannot be replicated on faux leather. Additionally, the smell and feel of real leather is not something that can be achieved when faux leather is used. Though faux leather sofas are soft and comfortable, they don’t always match up to the high quality of real leather. Real leather, though costly, is extremely hard wearing. This means that a real leather sofa will last a long time, withstanding daily use and becoming softer over time.

The Benefits of Choosing Faux Leather Sofas

Faux leather sofas have a very similar look and feel to real leather sofas, meaning it’s very difficult to tell the difference. This is great if you want to choose a faux leather sofa, but don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics. Additionally, faux leather sofas are made using a machine and this means that a very consistent colour can be created throughout, whereas this isn’t always the case with real leather sofas as the material occurs naturally. There’s often a wider range of faux leather sofas available, as they can come in a variety of different colours. Whereas real leather sofas are limited in colour, faux leather can be dyed into many different colours.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a faux leather sofa is that it’s a more affordable option that real leather sofa. Though there are some compromises that need to be made if you choose faux leather, this is counterbalanced by the fact that it’s a cheaper option.

Whether you choose faux leather or real leather sofas, you’ll be able to enjoy a truly comfortable and stylish place to sit. Both of these sofa types look great in any style home and they offer longevity and durability, meaning they’ll last you for years to come.


Further Information

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