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April 2019
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Sofa Care for Pet Owners

Pets and your sofa
Pets and Sofas

Tips for pet lovers and sofa lovers

Pets make great additions to the family and they can really brighten up the home, which is why they are so popular. However, having a pet does mean that keeping a sofa looking its best isn’t always easy. With molting fur, accidental scratches and pets sitting on the sofa when they shouldn’t be a lot of sofas end up looking unclean and used far quicker than they should. That is why it’s important to know how to care for a sofa as a pet owner.

Sofa care for pet owners doesn’t need to be complex and there’s no need to rush out and buy expensive products, it’s simply a case of understanding what type of sofa will work best and how to keep it safe from damage. Here are some top tips:


How to care for your leather furniture

Caring for your leather sofa

Leather brown sofa
Leather sofa

Leather upholstery is not only a popular choice in furniture fabric for its stylish appearance but also because the material is far more durable and long lasting than other types of upholstery. In fact, a quality leather sofa can be handed down from generation to generation if the material is properly cared for.


However, it’s inevitable that some scuff marks and wrinkles may appear on the material over time. The following leather care tips are designed to prevent damage and to eliminate any signs of aging: